HRB Ones 2 Watch Conference


Come and join us for the HRB Ones 2 Watch conference. This is for HRB-funded early career stage researchers at MSc, PhD, and Post Doc levels.


“We want all of our funded researchers to feel part of a community. One that’s worthwhile, one that makes a difference, one that people value. This event represents a significant step in creating that sense of community.

We want to use this occasion to do a number of things. We want you to network with your peers; we want you to have an opportunity to present your work – with a slight twist; we want to offer you some career insights; and we want to give you some tips on how you can make an impact with your research.

When your research is heard, it has influence. And when one person’s research makes the news, or changes health policy or improves health practice, then we all gain. Each of our individual successes helps to make the case for the collective. In short, we need to be champions of what we do.

To achieve all of these things the programme was compiled and the speakers were chosen with great care. They are genuine leaders and innovators in what they do. We think that this will be a tremendous learning opportunity for you, the next generation of HRB-funded leaders and the next HRB Ones 2 Watch.

I’ll look forward to meeting you there.”

Mairead O’Driscoll
Interim Chief Executive

HRB Ones 2 Watch Conference

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